This page should hopefully answer any questions you may have. If it isn't covered on this page, feel free to get in touch.


What wax is used in your wax melts?

Honey Catch uses paraffin wax. When testing we found that it had the best scent throw when cold (smelling through the bag) & when burning.

How long do your wax melts last?

Our best seller honeycombs when used one at a time should usually get around 8hrs worth with 4 hour tealights. However, this may vary depending on different scents.

Are your melts safe around children and pets?

All our products are safe, to use safely, around children and pets. Your products should be stored where they are not easily accessible to small hands or paws, and you should never leave your products or wax melter unattended whilst in use.
Our products are made using high grade materials, but close attention should be paid to the CLP label, on each individual product, for allergen information. 

How do I remove used wax from my burners?

There are a couple of ways to do this:
Set wax:
If your wax has set and is hard, the best way to remove it from your melter is to light a tea light underneath. Then, wait around 2 minutes, before applying slight downward pressure and sliding the used wax out in one piece.
Liquid wax (Please remember, your melter will be hot):
If your wax is melted, the best way to remove it from your melter, is to drop a cotton wool ball into the liquid wax and it will absorb the remaining wax. Then wipe with another piece of cotton wool or a piece of tissue to clean the melter.

Tip: It’s a good idea to have somewhere to put the used cotton wool, before starting to empty the wax

Who do you send your parcels with?

All of our postal orders are sent via royal mail. Please note, that due to the current times, in some areas there may be delays in your parcels reaching you.

Is your carpet fresheners pet friendly?

We say that our carpet fresheners are pet friendly. However, we advise that when the product is on the floor, to not let them on it. We wouldn't want them to lick their paws with the product on it! Try and corner off or close doors on the rooms to prevent this. Once the product has been removes, pets are fine to go about their day as usual.